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1 Million Cups: Passionate, Caffeinated Entrepreneurs


A few days ago, the EMH team went to an event called 1 Million Cups. Held every week as part of a nationwide movement, this organization helps entrepreneurs and community leaders learn from each other and share experiences. Coffee hours feature either “Entrepreneurs Anonymous,” where attendees discuss the local entrepreneurship scene, or a presentation by a local entrepreneur or business leader. At these meetings, speakers share their perspective on topics like the future of New Orleans start-ups, angel investing, or their current venture and then entertain questions from the group.

This week’s discussion covered the potential arrival of Uber, apps that track health, and the many interesting ventures of 1 Million Cups members. We were excited to hear from 2015 Idea Village Entrepreneur-in-Residence J. Miguez about his plans to improve the IDEAx Accelerator Program and help local start-ups perform on a national stage. “As long as you have passion, no one will judge you [in New Orleans]” said Miguez, “I mean, no one judges you for going to Red Dress [Run]. They judge you for going to Red Dress without a red dress.”

Next week, the creator of Interrupt (the game), pictured, will be sharing his story and talking through the game’s launch. Not only do next week’s 1 Million Cups attendees get unlimited coffee, they also get to try out the game. Future speakers include Mike Eckert from the NO/LA Angel Network and more from J. Miguez. The New Orleans 1 Million Cups group meets from 9 am to 10 am in the IP Building in the Central Business District. To learn more about 1 Million Cups or sign up for the mailing list, visit the 1 Million Cups website and watch the video below. 1 Millions Cups is helping united and inspire the start-up community and we can’t wait for next week!