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Dear Entrepreneur

Dear entrepreneurs:

Talk to everyone you can about your idea.

So you’ve got a promising idea and are looking to turn it into a business. Do you keep your big idea under wraps? No! You tell everyone you can about your idea.

Entrepreneurs often come to us and are unwilling to discuss the details of their venture, instead only revealing the broadest outline of what they are trying to accomplish. Why not discuss the details? We might be able to help. While we understand that it’s your idea, you’re passionate about it and don’t want anyone to steal it, generally speaking entrepreneurs are too worried that someone is going to hear what you’re up to and immediately begin to work on this same idea.

Our recommendation to you is that you tell everyone you can about your venture. You never know who is going to know someone or something that will be critical to your venture’s success. There are times to keep your idea secret, but in general you should tell everyone you come across about what you’re trying to accomplish.

There is a greater chance that you’ll find someone willing to help than someone who is going to steal your idea. Additionally you already have a head start and should be 100% committed to your path. For someone else to like your idea enough to drop whatever it is he or she is already doing to try to chase you down and pass you is incredibly unlikely.

We’re not suggesting that you should give away your true secret sauce, but don’t be afraid to chat with people who can help.