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EMH Hires Two New Consultants


Meet Andrew & Katherine

EMH recently hired two new consultants through the Venture for America program, a two-year fellowship with the aim of revitalizing American cities and communities through entrepreneurship. Katherine and Andrew are excited to work with EMH clients and get to know New Orleans community.


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What is your hometown?

Andrew: This has always been a tough question for me to answer: I was born in and lived in the Bay Area of California until middle school, at which point my parents made the brilliant decision to move us to New Jersey where I stayed until I left for college. I’ve only recently forgiven them for that.

hot air balloon

Katherine: I’m from Snohomish, WA, the antique capital of the Pacific Northwest. It is an open and active community and was a wonderful place to grow up. The best way to see the farms and fields of the Snohomish River Valley is from a hot air balloon.

What are your hobbies?


Andrew:  Reading, going on runs through the city, and playing music take up most of my “free” time.  I actually just accepted a substitute position as second flute with the Louisiana Philharmonic so this particular “hobby” is about to become a significant part of my life here in New Orleans!

Katherine:  I love to explore and discover new activities in each place I live, so I spend my weekends finding farmer’s markets, trying restaurants, and looking for non-profits to volunteer with.  When I am not going on urban adventures or working, I enjoy baking, photography, and design.

What are your areas of interest?

Andrew:  Startups, Big Data Analytics, Process Improvement

Katherine:  Non-profits, the Hospitality Industry, Social Change, Strategy

What is your favorite thing in New Orleans so far? 

Andrew:  While there are so many incredible things about this place, ranging from it’s incredible breadth in terms of architectural design to the nearly constant stream of public events, I think that the most inspiring aspect of the city to me is the closeness of its’ communities.  The entrepreneurial community, for example, meets frequently and in a variety of settings to share ideas, successes, and struggles.  I’ve never seen anything like this and I’m excited to be a part of the environment!


Katherine:  Everyone is so friendly!  Whether I am at an entrepreneurship event or happy hour, new people are always willing to connect and share their experiences.  There is a sense of openness and support that I have not experienced in other cities I’ve lived in.  I also love that people are up for anything, even unique activities like ostrich racing or dancing in candlelit piano bars.

What is on your New Orleans bucket list? 

Andrew:  Without a doubt, the top of this list for me is to go on a Riverboat ride.  The idea of getting dressed up and going for a bayou-style dinner cruise seems to be the epitome of a southern social experience.

Katherine:  I have lots of ways I want to explore, but a few of the things at the top of my list are going on a swamp tour, visiting a plantation, and becoming a local coffee shop expert.

To learn more about Andrew and Katherine, check out their bios.