At EMH, we customize our consulting services to ensure that we address the unique needs and challenges of your business or organization. From organizational assessment, to strategic planning, to business transactions, we are focused on providing our clients comprehensive management support that addresses every component of their venture or operation.

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Analytics
  • Start-Up Advisory
  • Business Transactions
  • Real Estate Development
  • Professional Referrals
Organizational Assessment

Organizational AssessmentOrganizational AssessmentOrganizational AssessmentOrganizational AssessmentOrganizational AssessmentOrganizational AssessmentOrganizational Assessment


Regardless of the project scope, we begin our rigorous engagements with a deep dive into the organization and market it serves to develop a comprehensive view of the organization, including its core capabilities, culture, resources, and a process map of its operational tactics. This in-depth understanding provides the foundation for the project scope and allows EMH’s consultants to produce the most useful product and service to the organization, its partners, and its constituents.

  • Resource Evaluation
  • Financial Analytics
  • Growth Planning
Strategic Planning

At EMH, our role is to provide you with the necessary tools and perspective to facilitate your understanding of your market and how you can navigate its trends, competition, and opportunities to maximize your potential for success. We focus on your staff, resources, financial prospects, and leadership capabilities to develop a comprehensive look at your position in the market and your current and potential impact on your customers and competition.

  • Market Evaluation
  • Economic Impact
  • Continuity Planning
Financial Analytics

The core of our consulting service is developing the proper financial tools for our clients to assess, test, and prepare their business or organization for internal change or positioning strategies. Through detailed, interactive financial models customized to fit your operation, we give you the hands-on control you need over the financial requirements and realities of your organization, as well as the built-in tools to make adjustments when needed.

  • Investment Models
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Operational Analysis
  • Financial Planning Tools
Startup Advisory

From idea generation to venture creation, we are specialists in advising new and potential business owners in the exercise of start-up business planning. Specifically, we understand every nuance of how to shape a venture into an organization, establish a foothold in the market, create and register the brand, and identify and attract start-up capital.

  • Venture Assessment
  • Business Design
  • Brand Registration
Business Transactions

EMH is accomplished in directing business transactions that lead to next-level growth and transition opportunities. From advising clients on business sale and purchase strategies, to establishing ownership plans, to managing the creation and momentum of franchise growth, we have the staff and resources to prepare and execute any plan that facilitates your business evolution.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Partnership Transitions
  • Franchise Development
Real Estate Development

EMH has established close relationships with real estate experts who are capable of evaluating, proposing, and directing any property-based business development project that our clients may pursue. From simple parcel analysis to sophisticated project development for large-scale commercial use, we advise our clients on converting property to business use to ensure the project’s development successfully integrates into an effective business model with long-term viability.

  • Land Use Study
  • Investment Analysis
  • Project Management
Professional Referrals

EMH has established an extensive network of qualified professionals that provide companion services (through non-fee, courtesy referrals) to ensure our clients have seamless access to any resource they need in any phase of business. From attorneys capable of advising on formation and intellectual property issues, to CPAs capable of directing tax issues, to accomplished IT consultants and graphic designers, EMH is your all-inclusive partner in the creation, management and operation of your business or organization.

  • Business Attorneys
  • CPA/Tax Advisors
  • Risk Managers
  • IT Consultants
  • Graphic Designers