EMH Insights

Making Effective Introductions

Consulting is a relationship-based business—EMH is constantly working with clients who are looking for partner organizations, freelancers, or simply others who work in their industry.  EMH values building strong relationships with our own clients, but also between clients and other professional colleagues in our network.  Connections are crucial in our business, but introductions need to be made in a way that fosters a fruitful relationship.  A recent Inc. article discusses the difficulties of making effective introductions.  The key to such interactions is to establish a duality among the participants—both parties need to benefit from the interaction and also find it meaningful in order for the exchange to be successful.  Upon first glance it may seem difficult to foster a mutually beneficial relationship—surely one person needs the wisdom, skills, and insight of the other more.  However, both parties receive benefits from the exchange of knowledge, as long as they are both interested and participating at-will.  Additionally, a well-made first introduction may blossom into a friendship or professional relationship that both parties appreciate in the future, even if the short term benefits are skewed toward one side.

EMH does the due diligence to make sure that both parties are on board and interested in the connections we make so that the introductions we provide can help further your business.  We want to make sure that relationships are meaningful and fit into your busy schedule.  We are happy to help connect you with the people you need to help your business grow and succeed because we know that an introduction that’s great for you will also be beneficial to someone else.

To learn more about how to make—and take advantage of—an effective introduction, read Michael Simmons article in Inc.

Article by Katherine Robinson