We offer you the global business perspective of a large-scale consulting firm with the individualized approach of a boutique firm. We will work collaboratively with your team to conduct the rigorous analyses necessary to generate an innovative strategy that will position your company for long-term success or refine systems and processes to optimize daily operations. We aim to provide your company with the tools and insight needed for optimal decision making, even after our engagement has ended.

Established Businesses

Management teams at established enterprises must constantly make difficult decisions with incomplete information. Their decisions will have lasting implications on the performance of their businesses for years to come. At EMH, we strive to provide the recommendations necessary to ensure that management teams have the insight they need to make the right decisions.

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Startups often face three difficult types of challenges: securing funding, testing their markets, and developing their business models. At EMH, we draw on best practices, market research, and experience and work closely with founding teams to ensure that their ideas are well-founded and easily communicated to their investors and stakeholders.

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Venture Capital & Private Equity

Despite the expertise of their principals, Venture Capital and Private Equity firms face a difficult task when it comes to managing the success of their portfolio companies. We combine rigorous methodologies, a collaborative approach, and extensive experience to provide these firms with strategies to maximize their success and minimize their required oversight in the long-term.

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At EMH, we work closely with our non-profit clients to ensure that their operations are optimized and that their impact is measured effectively, increasing their attractiveness to funders and ensuring that they are making a difference in the community. We take a “business first” approach to ensure that non-profits can deliver on their missions in the long-term.

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Public Sector

Policy-makers and public officials excel in defining programs that best serve their communities. Once legislation is passed, however, translating policy into concrete, tactical action steps can be difficult and time-consuming. EMH has deep experience working with public officials and entities to ensure policy is implemented successfully.

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