Cafe Reconcile

Project Info

Client Cafe Reconcile
Skills Growth Strategy

Project Description

Working in close collaboration with Reconcile staff, EMH developed a 5-year strategic expansion plan that built upon the success of Café Reconcile and prepared them for success well into the future.

Project Scope

Having become a mature organization on the brink of expansion, Café Reconcile approached EMH to pursue a strategic growth plan with the aim of optimizing its current operations in the hopes of expanding the reach of its mission and services.  This expansion represented a two-fold definition of growth: a commercial expansion of the organization’s current business operations (including restaurant operations, caterings services, and special events), and a programmatic and philanthropic expansion (including increased student capacity, increased programming, mission depth, and community reach, and expanded direct services).

EMH Approach

EMH was able to provide actionable recommendations as a result of pursuing a study of the external commercial environment of the organization’s location, an assessment of the organization’s mission and community impact, and an analysis of a wide array of potential revenue-generating activities.


Café Reconcile has implemented a number of EMH’s recommendations and has achieved great commercial gains, operational efficiencies, and enhanced output through its current service offering.

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