Louisiana Department of Education

Project Info

Client Louisiana Department of Education
Skills Organizational Planning

Project Description

EMH assisted in the development, rollout and subsequent improvement of a new, statewide program.

Project Scope

EMH Strategy was initially engaged with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) to assist with the design and implementation of the first version of the Louisiana Scholarship Program, a statewide initiative with the purpose of increasing school choice in Louisiana. After a successful implementation of the project in year one, EMH re-engaged with the Department of Education to oversee the modification and execution of the program’s second year of operations. In addition to program design and implementation, EMH performed quantitative and qualitative analyses of the tuition and fees reporting and payment system.

EMH Approach

EMH consultants developed a data-driven process model established to create and continually improve the LDOE’s systems infrastructure, communication and marketing strategy, operational infrastructure, and the appropriate validation and verification controls for the reception of applications to the program. We ensured that all goals and deadlines initially established by the LDOE were executed on time, and our holistic understanding of the program and the organizational structure surrounding its implementation provided us with the ability to formulate recommendations for the second year of the program.


EMH played an integral role in the successful rollout of the Scholarship Program, and in the first two years of the program, nearly 12,000 students were provided the opportunity to avoid enrollment in underperforming schools. Due to the lower cost of tuition and fees at these non-public schools relative to the per-pupil amount of financial support given to public school districts, these scholarship students represented a savings of over $15mm to the state of Louisiana. Our work with the Department of Education also resulted in the following measurable impacts: Cost savings of $3,292 per student were realized; the program’s award rate increased from 54% in year one to 70% in year two due to enhancements in operational efficiency; 92.5% of parents were satisfied with their child’s new scholarship school; 98.1% of parents felt welcomed at their child’s new scholarship school; and 93.6% of parents were happy with their child’s academic performance at the new scholarship school.