Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans

Project Info

Client Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans
Skills Organizational Planning

Project Description

EMH led efforts to structure a CEO search and to simultaneously improve the governance and structure of a popular uptown French immersion charter school.

Project Scope

Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans (LFNO), a Pre-K through 3rd grade French immersion school, engaged EMH during a period of organizational transition for assistance with two key leadership issues: the school lacked a CEO and its board of directors was faced with an array of governance concerns. EMH was tasked to solve these governance issues and guide LFNO through the process of finding a competent, experienced, and compatible CEO.

EMH Approach

EMH’s approach always calls for our consultants to deeply understand the context our client is operating within, their internal capacity, and the external factors at work in the environment in which they are operating. Therefore, before our consultants could provide recommendations to the school’s board of directors and identify the right individual to lead the organization, it was first necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the unique cultural, operational, and professional dynamics of the school. EMH conducted a series of interviews with all key stakeholders, including parents of students, members of the current board of directors, and school staff. These meetings directly informed the role and function that a school leader needed to fulfill, the capabilities that an ideal CEO candidate needed to exhibit, and other existing gaps in school leadership and management. From these meetings, EMH developed a set of recommendations that described the specific path LFNO should take to resolve its governance issues and secure a great CEO. These recommendations were focused on resolving open questions related to the structure of key executive committees, open meeting laws, and organizational by-laws. This analysis on the school’s organizational structure directly articulated the specific need and required responsibilities of the school’s future board of directors.


After LFNO successfully implemented EMH recommendations and adopted an effective board of directors, EMH continued to assist the organization with identifying and vetting potential candidates for the position of CEO. LFNO was ultimately successful in locating a well-qualified CEO for the school that brought years of experience leading schools in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana to LFNO.