Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

EMH wants to see your organization grow. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and perspective necessary to help you better navigate market trends in order to maximize your potential for success. We will not only to position you for growth in the marketplace, but also to streamline your current operations to ensure that growth is sustainable. Our approach to growth strategy is comprehensive, covering everything from financial projections to market research to performance management to branding. EMH will help you answer your most pressing strategic questions and arm you with the tools needed to successfully execute your strategic plan.  

Established Businesses

Even the most successful established businesses often desire to find new avenues of growth.

Areas of Focus: Expansion Planning, Succession Planning, Diversification Strategies, New Market Entry Strategies, Capacity Planning


In order to achieve sustained growth, startups need the clear direction, strong goals and proven methodologies to establish traction in their market.

Areas of Focus: Market Entry Strategy, Client Acquisition, Metrics and Benchmarking


By growing their programs, non-profits and educational institutions can maximize their benefit to the community.

Areas of Focus: Expansion Planning, Program and Concept Development, Revenue Diversification, Impact Metrics

Projects in Growth Strategy


Cafe Reconcile

Working in close collaboration with Reconcile staff, EMH developed a 5-year strategic expansion plan that built upon the success of Café Reconcile and prepared them for success well into the future.

The NOCCA Institute

Focusing on existing capabilities and the NOCCA brand, EMH prepared a strategic growth plan to guide the school through a period of physical and programmatic expansion.

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation

EMH has twice been engaged to assist in visioning a signature project for the organization, funneling the high-level thinking of the board and executive staff down to actionable items, informed by deep research and best practices.