Organizational Planning

Organizational Planning

Your goal is to grow or streamline your organization.  In order to do this, you need to optimize your structure so that each person’s activities are tied to your  overall goals.  EMH will collaborate with you to increase efficiency and effectiveness of key areas such as your organizational and governance structures, your compensation and performance management systems, and your internal procedures and processes.  We will help you structure your organization in a way that is strategically sound, keep your employees happy, and ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly.


Non-profits and educational institutions are committed to the communities that they serve. Given their mission-oriented goals and constrained resources, a streamlined organization is necessary for achieving impact. Our consultants are experts at coordinating the ‘business’ aspects of your organization so that you can focus on your mission.

Areas of Focus: Governance and Board Management, Organizational Structuring, Leadership Development, Metrics and Measurement, Concept Development


Startups possess high growth potential, but often the lack infrastructure necessary for success. Whether it’s becoming investor-ready, creating strong internal controls or simply maturing into a more organized, professional business, EMH has the tools and capabilities to move your company forward.

Areas of Focus: Process Mapping & Modeling, Business Plan Development, Concept Development, Organizational Structuring, Leadership Development

Public Sector

Public entities face a unique set of constraints, and often must react quickly to address new rules and regulations. At EMH, we are expert at translating changes of policy into actionable operational plans capable of supporting these changes. Whether by generating new processes and job descriptions or mapping out needed resources, EMH will deliver the insights necessary to ensure that the most pressing pieces of legislation are implemented smoothly.

Areas of Focus: Governance, Project Management, Process Mapping and Modeling, Training and Resource Development, Implementation of Legislation, Capacity Augmentation

Projects in Organizational Planning