EMH Insights

The Advantages of Executive Diversity

In an April 2012 article entitled “Is there a payoff from top-team diversity?” from McKinsey Quarterly, Thomas Barta, Markus Kleiner, and Tilo Neumann discuss the benefits a company can reap from possessing diversity among its senior level executives. This sounds as if it should be true in theory, as having an executive team with an array of professional experience would seem to broaden a company’s strategic capabilities and perspectives (as the authors point out), but the empirical data also substantiates the claim. Among 180 publicly traded companies in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States, there is a correlation—if not causation—between companies with the most executive-board diversity and high returns on equity.

This sort of variety among a company’s leaders that breeds success is demonstrated at EMH Strategy in both the training and professional experience of our principals and senior consultants. Our clients gain access to professionals with PhDs in Economics and Strategy & Organization, MBAs, Certified Public Accountants, and even professional Chefs. In addition, our experience in industries such as oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, government sector (Mayor Landrieu’s Financial Systems and Policy Task Force), venture capital, music, and the international restaurant industry (to name a few) supplies EMH Strategy with the ability to utilize a wide spectrum of experiences to assist our clients address their obstacles and realize uncovered opportunities. From advising global entities such as Apple, Credit Suisse, Fidelity, and Whole Foods Market, to establishing restaurants in Southeast Asia, the credibility of our leadership allows us to assist our clients with unmatched capability.