EMH Insights

The Value of Sound Management

In a Slate article entitled “Management Consultants Can Save the World,” authors Ray Fishman and Tim Sullivan poke fun at the grandiosity of management consultants (and their general reputation) at the World Economic Forum, and, at the same time, defend the inherent value of sound management strategies. While a cohort of expensive advisors opining on poverty and environmental remediation might be worthless, the authors hold, examples abound of international firms that stand much to gain from implementing new and improved management strategies. An Indian textile firm, for example, saw an immediate rise in profitability from working with a major consulting firm to streamline processes and operations. Companies in China, Brazil, Greece, and Argentina (those countries with the poorest management skills as documented by economists from Harvard and the London School of Economics) would also do well to employ consultants for gains in productivity and efficiency.

As the authors point out, research suggests that non-profit, educational, and governmental organizations also stand to gain from management consultancy. At EMH, our consultants have extensive experience working with non-profit and governmental entities, for both large and small organizations. We have worked with the state of Louisiana to implement an operational infrastructure for a state-wide educational program, performed board development for a local charter school to establish the goals and desirable management capabilities of the school’s leaders, and developed strategic growth plans for local and national non-profits. When it comes to management principles, sometimes it pays for a non-profit organization to think and operate like a for-profit company. Whether you are a large corporation, a small family business, or a non-profit, we are interested to hear how transitions in management have affected the performance of your organization.